Cyber Security & Compliance Framework Foundations

Master Class Workshop & Roundtable


December 2022

10:30 - 3:30 PM  

Master Class Workshops list for $297 On-Demand and are also included in our premium memberships.  Attend this workshop live for only two payments of $97 each.  

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Hi, it's Alex Jarett, and we are hosting this Master Class Workshop based upon the requests of our our members who wanted a practical approach to the key pillars of Cyber Security & compliance.  Mid Market & Smaller Enterprise Companies have all of the challenges of the larger enterprise but less budget and staff!  No where is this more true than in the area of Cyber Security & Compliance.

In this Master Class Workshop we'll explore the key foundational areas that you should cover in a practical approach to Cyber Security & Compliance.  

Attend the Workshop worth $297 when you register for only 2 payments of $97. 


Tom Drez

Christian Brothers Services  



Allen Darrah

Head of Information Technology
Spencer Fane LLP



Shawn Tuma

Co-Chair, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Practice Group
Spencer Fane LLP
and Chair, Computer & Technology Section - State Bar of Texas

Matt Kaseeska

Great Escape / Chicago Home Fitness.  CEO, NetWorks Consulting Resources, Inc.


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Presentations Include:

  • Security & Privacy Concepts - Hygiene & Practices for Everyone   Join Tom Drez as he provides a detailed case study on how he and his team manage Cyber Security 
  • Mid Market Company / Law Firm Cyber Security Case Study - Join Allen Darrah and Shawn Tuma as they provide their "best practices" for Cyber Security and Data Protection  
  • Navigating Cyber Security Insurance and Compliance
    Join Matt in his summary of key cyber security strategies based upon the CIS Framework
  • Roundtable & Keynote Panel.  Join our esteemed keynote faculty as we answer your questions and discuss the practical approach to Cyber Security. 
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